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Public Jesus by Tim Suttle

Confession: I’m on the street team for The House Studio (@housestudio or thehousestudio.com).  This means that I’ve agreed to share about their publications, and to do so enthusiastically.  (They never asked for a signature in blood, so I think I’m good … Continue reading

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Love is controversial.

Love is controversial.  I’m talking about true, real love—the stuff God created and freely doles out to the pitiful wretches He created way back when. I keep political thoughts out of my posts.  Some things I’ve written about have had … Continue reading

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Kony captured!

Sorry for the psych out.  I’ll be honest—I’m looking for people to read this and learn about this Kony/LRA/Invisible Children thing. You’ve heard about this, right?  The LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army), that is led by Joseph Kony, has been traveling … Continue reading

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My economic plan – part 1 (NBA edition)

Kobe Bryant made over $25 million for the Lakers last year. LeBron James made $16,022,500 in salary this year; $27,000,000 in endorsements. Derrick Rose (my man!) made $6.9 mill to break ankles on fast breaks. breaking ankles The Lakers shelled … Continue reading

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